Just like humans, With the proper care, every high-quality leather bag needs to be maintained to age gracefully and live to tell your tale for generations.

Keeping leather bags looking their best doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Three to four times a year, wipe the surface with a leather cleaner to remove any built-up dirt. After a thorough once-over, apply a high-quality leather conditioner with a soft sponge or cloth. Massage the conditioner onto the entire surface, then wipe off any excess with a clean, dry cloth. If you live in a dry climate, we actually recommend doing this every couple of months to maintain the leather’s moisture using quality care products. If your climate is more humid, every 6 months to a year will suffice.

You forgot your umbrella — again. Or maybe the weatherman got it wrong — again. Either way, your favorite leather bag may be exposed to the elements from time to time, so it’s important to know what to do next. First things first, invest in a few high-quality leather care products.

Then, gently wipe off any leftover water and allow the leather to dry naturally to the point where it’s damp, but not completely dry. And by all means, do not apply unnatural heat from a blow dryer or similar tool. While the leather is still damp, apply a coat of leather conditioner. Use a soft, clean cloth to massage the conditioner into the leather. Leave it to dry for several hours or overnight. The conditioner will soak in and help replenish the stripped oils. If the leather still seems overly dry in places, apply additional conditioner to those areas and buff the entire surface of the leather.

Getting rid of a tough stain can be tricky, especially when it’s stuck to your quality leather messenger bag or briefcase. It’s always important to treat stains as soon as possible—and we cannot stress this enough: always do a spot test. If your spot test doesn’t give you a safe result, or if you’re dealing with a large or particularly difficult stain, it will be worth your time and money to take your leather bag to a professional leather cleaner for stain removal as soon as possible—they’re an assortment of leather care products will come in handy and should get you squared away pretty quickly.

Here is a guide we've prepared to help you maintain your Echopurse Leather products.

1. Keep leather away from direct heat/sunlight for a long time, so it doesn't dry out.
2. You can use some hand cream(It’s best to use a leather care cream if you have it) to moisturize the leather easily when it gets dry.
3. Keep leather away from water, because leather has pores.
4. We recommend leather Gel to make it waterproof. Please contact us if you wanna buy a daily leather care cream
For more leather care information, read our blog to learn about the characteristics and care options for various types of leather.


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